The purpose of DIA’s uniform policy is to simplify our students’ mode of dress in order to focus attention and time on their education. At DIA we want to minimize the attention paid to clothing and to promote the idea that students are defined by who they are and not what they wear. For a complete overview of the uniform policy, please see pages 20-22 in the DIA Parent Handbook



All tops are to be neat and clean at all times. Only DIA logoed, short- and long-sleeve tops in one of the 3 school colors are required (white, green, or pink). Other approved tops, such as DIA sports team shirts, student council sweaters, and event shirts (i.e., DIA Walk-a-thon shirts) are permitted, as approved by school administration. 

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Boys and girls may wear neat and clean knee-length shorts or neat and clean full-length pants in either khaki or dark brown colors. No other colors or shades of brown are permitted. Pants are not to be excessively baggy or tight. Pants are to be worn around the waist/hips and not lower. 

Girls may wear neat and clean khaki skirts or dresses instead of pants. Skirts and dresses must fall to at least the top of the knee. 


Socks & Shoes

Students must wear solid white, black, or dark brown socks. Girls may wear tights of the same solid colors or hose, as appropriate. 

Students must wear primarily solid white, black, or dark brown shoes. Very small logos and/or colors on shoes are permitted as long they are minimal and not distracting. Shoes should not draw attention to themselves. Winter boots of any color are permitted.