Dual Immersion Academy (DIA) is an accredited, tuition-free, public charter school providing bilingual education to students from preschool to 8th grade. DIA is located in the Glendale area, in the heart of Salt Lake City. Our mission is to create bilingual, biliterate scholars who understand the richness of living in a multi-cultural world. Students work with our world class educators in our target language (Spanish) while continuing to build a solid foundation in English. Our teachers come from Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and the United States.

DIA is where education and opportunity meet. In addition to our common core in English and Spanish, DIA offers physical education, art, music, and drama classes to expand student understanding in different ways.

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BILINGUAL Instruction

DIA follows the Utah State Core Curriculum and delivers the academic content in both Spanish  and English. Educational materials and texts used in elementary schools in Mexico and Spain, many contributed by the Mexican Consulate, provide supplemental content to the DIA curriculum. A rich variety of multicultural materials are integrated throughout the curriculum to ensure DIA meets its mission to value diversity and prepare cross-culturally aware graduates for leadership roles in our global community. 



The first number refers to the amount of instructional time spent in Spanish starting in kindergarten. The second number refers to English. In a 90:10 model, the amount of Spanish decreases yearly as English increases until there is a 50:50 balance. 

When achievement is measured in Spanish, students in 90:10 programs tend to score higher than students in 50:50 programs. Thus, more instructional time spent in Spanish positively affects achievement in Spanish and has no negative effect on achievement measured in English.